Members of Webbmedia Group are fluent in several languages, including Spanish, French, Ukranian, Russian and Japanese. We have extensive experience working internationally and within emerging media landscapes. Consultants are based in Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York City, Houston, Miami, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Greensboro, St. Louis, Boston and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Webbmedia Group has team members in more than a dozen cities, including Miami, NYC and Kyiv (Ukraine). We also partner with BYO Consulting, a community engagement firm that specializes in gaming and high-profile participatory events. Our virtualized office and distributed platform allows Webbmedia Group to draw on a wide variety of disciplines to serve our worldwide client base.


Amy Webb


Amy Webb is a professional disruptor (that’s a good thing!). She leads a brilliant team that advises a worldwide client base of Fortune 100 and Global 1000 companies, government agencies, media organizations and foundations. She's also the best-selling author of "DATA, A LOVE STORY" published January 31st (Penguin)...more >

Cheryl Cooney

Director of Operations

Cheryl leads operations, logistics and organizational management for Webbmedia Group. Previously, she spent 20 years helping to manage law firms in New York City and Washington, D.C...more >


Shaun Dakin, MBA

Managing Director

Shaun manages the corporate training side of Webbmedia Group. He is a social media expert who specializes in brand building, management and marketing, and issues surrounding public/ private information...more >

Bonnie Shaw

Social Innovator and Experience Designer

Bonnie Shaw is an expert at making meaningful connection between people, place, technology and play to catalyze massively collaborative civic innovations for tangible real world impact. She brings a delightfully playful perspective to all her work and international experience in urban design, civic engagement strategy, experience design and campaign implementation...more >


Yasmin Fodil

Organizational Behavior and Policy Specialist

Yasmin specializes in creative public policy making and how technology can be used to make government and organizations more collaborative, participatory, transparent, and accountable...more >


Lauren Baier

User Design Specialist

Lauren specializes in research and strategy for User Experience Design. She is primarily interested in the study and creation of human experiences....more >


Hiram Enriquez

Senior Associate

Hiram is an experienced leader in the digital media space, combining a solid expertise in editorial and audience products with a strong passion for technology and innovation. He specializes in US Hispanic and Latin America markets for Webbmedia Group...more >

Andrew Mendelson, PhD

Senior Associate

Andrew is an expert in journalism and communications curriculum development. He has designed assessment tools to help better understand whether curricular goals are being met. Andrew specializes in curriculum development for Webbmedia Group...more >

Joshua Hatch

Senior Associate

Josh is the Online Content Manager at the award-winning Sunlight Foundation and was previously Interactives Director at USA TODAY. He specializes in multimedia and mapping training for Webbmedia Group clients. He works with talented designers, programmers and journalists of all media stripes to tell stories through video, photos, audio, graphics, text and data. He is active in the Online News Association and is the co-chair of the 2010 international convention...more >

Tom Kennedy

Senior Associate

Tom is an internationally known visual journalist with 35 years of print and online journalism experience. He is specializes in visual storytelling/ training for Webbmedia Group clients. He has created, directed, and edited visual journalism projects that have earned Pulitzer Prizes, as well as EMMY, Peabody, and Edward R. Murrow awards...more >

Ryan Thornburg

Senior Associate

Ryan teaches online news writing and editing at the University of North Carolina and is the author of a forthcoming book on the subject. He specializes in Democracy and digital meda, citizen journalism, and online writing/ editing for Webbmedia Group...more >

Chris G. Shaw, JD

Senior Associate

Chris is an attorney, teacher, speaker and technologist. For more than a decade, he has worked in online media, web development and technology sales...more >


John Keefe


John Keefe is the Senior Editor for Data News & Journalism Technology at WNYC, New York Public Radio. Keefe infuses WNYC's journalism with data reporting and interactive news applications, including census analysis, map mashups, news charts and SMS-based crowdsourcing projects. He specializes in data, data visualization and mapping for Webbmedia Group...more >


Tanya Lokot


Tanya is a Senior Teaching Fellow at Mohyla School of Journalism (University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), where she leads Radio News Production and New Media and Online Journalism courses for masters-level students. She specializes in Eastern Europe markets and social media for Webbmedia Group...more >

Jim MacMillan


Jim is an independent multimedia journalist, university educator and media consultant, based in Philadelphia. He served as the senior photographer, a photo-columnist and the first solo video journalist at the Philadelphia Daily News and as a photo editor for the AP where he personally covered over 200 combat missions in Iraq ...more >

Sarah Rich

Senior Researcher

Sarah is an editor, writer and new media entrepreneur. She is co-founder and executive editor of the Knight-Batten award winning Longshot Magazine and curator of the international conversation series, Foodprint Project...more >

Emma Carew Grovum

Community Manager

Emma is a community engagement strategist and digital journalist. She's the co-founder of Diversify Journalism With Me, an online speaker bureau for diverse journalists...more >

Julie Sturgeon

National Sales and Marketing Director

Julie is a journalist and public relations expert with more than 20 years of experience. She helps manage Webbmedia Group's sister site,, where she serves as its National Sales and Marketing Director...more >


Hilary Webb

Live Events/ Conferences Manager

Hilary manages all of the events and conferences for both Webbmedia Group and Knowledgewebb. She has more than 10 years of experience as a corporate recruiter and trainer...more >


Emily Caufield

Graphic Designer

Emily is a New York-based graphic designer who specializes in brand identity and making companies visible in a crowded online marketplace...more >


Webbmedia Group Research Fellows

Learn more about our Research Fellowship program...

Liz Day (Fall 2010)

Taj Tsonga (Fall 2010)

Elizabeth Davies (Fall 2009)

Karthika Muthukumaraswamy (Fall 2009)

Jennifer Ward (Fall 2009)

Adan Adil (Spring 2010)

Cherri T. Gregg (Spring 2010)

Chris Piel (Spring 2010)