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Webbmedia Group offers a number of strategy services and options.

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What We Do: Trends

Our trends framework incorporates research and observation from multiple vantage points and across various industries. We also look to see how innovation in one industry might inspire and inform another. Our foci include emerging consumer behaviors, macroeconomic shifts, demographic imbalances, changes within government policy, fresh concepts in digital programming, upcoming accelerator classes and more.

We adopt a cross-disciplinary approach, surfacing the up-and-coming founders, startups, apps, companies and partnerships that will create opportunities and/ or challenges within and across industries.


What We Do: Digital Strategy

We use our near-term trend framework to reverse-engineer digital strategy for the present. We engage our clients in ideation and discussion to launch experiments, test new ideas and develop practical solutions to accomplish their goals.


How We Do It: The FuturePrint

Webbmedia Group’s FuturePrint is our actionable blueprint for your digital strategy, whether it’s to reimagine your corporation’s Intranet or to completely reinvent new ways for your organization to engage its audience.

Our FuturePrint offers a core digital strategy for a single product or an entire program, and it includes detailed research on market forces, emerging trends and your organization’s known and emerging competitors, as well as your customer/ constituent/ staff dimensions.

After mapping your digital strategy, we typically offer several Idea Plans, which are fresh new concepts for your organization to implement. We include wireframes, case studies, a recommended timeline and budget and, if requested, a list of trusted vendors for your specific project.  

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