What do our clients think of us? Here are just a few comments:

“One ideation session with Webbmedia Group has led to more than a dozen viable new product ideas. We accomplished more with you this week than we did the first half of this year. Thank you so much!”
-- Randy, senior leadership, large technology company

“In the past year working with Webbmedia Group, we’ve seen all of the most game-changing and disruptive networks and apps several months before anyone else had heard about them. As a result, we were able to have the very first meetings with developers and we had a huge competitive advantage over everyone else in our industry. Webbmedia Group has kept is far ahead of the eight ball. Their analysis and point of view is a vital part of our business strategy.”
-- Ken, executive management, media company

“[Webbmedia Group’s] extensive knowledge of digital media and digital tools is an ever-expanding resource for the International Center for Journalists and the Knight International Journalism Fellowships. Our Fellows - even those with the strongest tech skills - are consistently impressed by [their] deep knowledge, which is grounded in sound journalism. And they are grateful for the individual assistance and attention they provide. I give Amy and the Webbmedia Group the strongest recommendation.”
-- Elisa Tinsley, International Center for Journalists

“Amy knows what is going on with new media and is finding innovative ways to share and teach. I have attended a number of her sessions on content management, social media and technology changes in the journalism industry. Each time she hits the nail on the head. I hope to get a chance to work with her again soon.”
-- Jen Reeves, KMOU-TV

“Josh is a great motivator and idea person. The employees in our organization were always inspired and prepared to meet new challenges because of his motivational style. He is confident and decisive. He makes everyone around him better.”
-- Bill Baker, Animation Director, Working Parts

“My mind has been blown. This was the best training I’ve ever been through. How soon are you guys coming back?”
-- Chris, executive management, national retail chain

“Hiram is a committed professional as well as one of the lead experts in online journalism. He trained us, taught us and helped us to understand the nature of Web 2.0, its viral components and the connectivity of the whole system. His solid academic background and the command he has of tools, processes and initiatives makes him one of the most competent and wholesome professionals I have encountered in the business. I would work with his team again with no hesitation.”
-- Luisa Ortiz, Senior Editor, Yahoo!

“I really liked the hands-on approach. Having a computer in front of us, and being able to mess around with the things [Webbmedia’s trainer] was explaining as he described them, made it engaging, and made me more likely to return to these tools, because I could look at the great results popping up in front of me. Here’s to more hands-on!”
-- Julia, senior management, large financial institution.