Corporate Training @ Knowledgewebb

Our sister company, Knowledgewebb, offers trainers that have lectured in corporate boardroooms, at conferences, in university classrooms and for large companies and nonprofits (Global 1000 and Fortune 500, as well as government, foundation, medical, media, public relations, banking, legal and many others).

Knowledgwebb's Core Offerings

Once Webbmedia Group has created a strategy for our clients, we counsel an organization’s leadership through the implementation process. We work to ensure internal capability development (through ongoing advising and training) as well as external capabilities assessment (recommending and evaluating potential vendors and partners).

Our sister company, Knowledgewebb, offers tactical training on subjects that are strategically aligned with our clients’ needs. Training is informed by cutting-edge research and real-world experience. Knowledgewebb’s expert trainers and coaches provide corporate training, webinars, curriculum strategy and development, skills assessments and one-on- one executive tutorials.


Who Knowledgewebb Trains

Knowledgewebb has a long and successful history of training various organizations. Our training method has proven time and time again to empower even the most reluctant staff. We’ve built multiple curricula and have developed more than 80 hands-on training modules. In total, Knowledgewebb staff have trained more than 30,000 people since 2005. We've even trained some of the country's leading trainers! Knowledgewebb also offers small group training sessions to the public -- click here for information.

Where Knowledgewebb Trains

Knowledgewebb offers corporate training on and off-site for our clients. We can either come to your building or a training center of your choice, or we can host your staff in Washington, D.C. at the National Press Club's training facility.

Courses Offered

Knowledgewebb is currently updating its Spring 2013 course catalogue. Click here to download the Winter 2011-12 catalog to see examples of methodology and course selection. Corporate training modules have included the following topics:

  • Tech Trends: What does your staff need to know to stay competitive?
  • Productivity: Google Docs, Cyber Security, Privacy
  • Internet Searching: Deep Web, Basics, Intermediate, Advanced, Alt Search Tools, Emerging Search Tools, Best Practices
  • Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Emerging Networks, Custom Integrations, Analytics, Best Practices
  • User Engagement and Branding: Corporate Digital Identities, Blogging, Finding Your Audience, CRM Systems, Best Practices
  • Executive Bootcamps: All of our courses can be designed as executive bootcamps specifically for busy executives and managers
  • SEO and SMO: Basics, Trends, Metadata, Optimizing Content, Best Practices
  • Social Commerce: Trends, Ideas, Digital Campaigns, Systems, Merchandise, Best Practices
  • Mobile and Tablets: Trends, App Strategy, Content Optimization, Best Practices
  • Multimedia: Storytelling, Video, Live Streaming, Live Blogging/ Chatting, Timelines, Holistic Content Approaches, Best Practices
  • Data Visualization: Mapping, Flowcharts, Best Practices, Visual Note-Taking, Real-Time Visualizations, Javascript, Best Practices
  • Train the Trainers: Training for the professional development officers/ trainers in your organization
  • Certifications: Advanced certifications for your staff


Knowledgewebb uses a unique training methodology that involves intense research, personalization and experiential learning. Classes are coordinated to accommodate all levels of ability and use graduated hands-on activities to reinforce the skills we’re teaching. Trainers aim to provide immediately accessible lessons, so that attendees can apply their new skills to current work projects.

Knowledgewebb is available to personalize a single training module for your staff, focus several modules on a single subject area (such as social media or data visualization) or to develop a full curriculum that meets the needs of your entire organization.

Training is offered both in-person and via webinar.