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Headquartered in Baltimore, Webbmedia Group has team members in more than a dozen cities, including Miami, NYC and Kyiv (Ukraine). Our virtualized office and distributed platform allows Webbmedia Group to draw on a wide variety of disciplines to serve our worldwide client base.

Clients: Webbmedia Group clients can reach our consultants at any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays. Call (267) 342.4300 and we'll get your questions answered.

Prospective Clients: To learn more about working with Webbmedia Group, to schedule an appointment or to inquire about having one of our consultants speak at your upcoming event, please contact us using any of the following:

Phone:  (267) 342.4300
International: +00 (1) (267) 342.4300
EmailUse our Contact Form
Skype:  webbmedia
Fax:  (443) 403.2324
Nostalgia:  867.5309

Media Inquiries: Journalists, bloggers and other content producers: Working on a story about tech? Download our list of sources here. If you need a source on deadline for broadcast, print or web (blogs included), please email us or call our office at 267-342-4300. If we can't answer your questions directly, we'll recommend some great sources who can.

Speaking Inquiries: Webbmedia Group consultants regularly present at a wide variety of conferences and workshops and also appear as guests on broadcast shows. If you are interested in having one of our consultants speak at your upcoming event or on your program, please contact our office. 

Please note that Amy Webb is represented by WME. To inquire about Amy speaking at your organization or event, please contact Theresa Brown at William Morris EndeavorEmail: tbrown_asst at Telephone: 212.903.1194.

Prospective Consultants: We're always on the lookout for talented consultants and trainers for our growing Webbmedia team. If you're interested in working with us, please send your resume and a short memo explaining who you are and what sets you apart from the pack.

Conference Planners: Webbmedia Group consultants speak at conferences globally, however our conference schedule typically books six months in advance minimum. If you are in charge of an uncoming conference and would like one of us to speak, please call our office at 267-342-4300 or email us and ask for Cheryl.


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