Webbmedia Group is a digital strategy agency that focuses on near-term emerging technology trends. We prepare our clients for future business disruption using research, ideation and a vast knowledge of what's about to change in the digital ecosystem.

Webbmedia Group works with Fortune 50, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as well as large nonprofits, universities and government agencies.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Webbmedia Group has team members in more than a dozen cities, including Miami, NYC and Kyiv (Ukraine). Our virtualized office and distributed platform allows Webbmedia Group to draw on a wide variety of disciplines to serve our worldwide client base. Members of our staff are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French and English.

 We're Different.  Here's How. 

One-on-One Interviews With Key Stakeholders

We have detailed conversations with key stakeholders at the beginning of every client engagement. We listen very carefully to perceived needs, work to understand individual and corporate challenges and get to know the personalities that make up a company's culture. We don't make assumptions about any organization or the work being done.

Strategies That Can Be Implemented By Your Organization

Our goal is to develop creative, solution-oriented strategies that lead to great performance results. We're innovative, but we're also pragmatic in our approach with every client. Webbmedia Group has an exceptional track record of actionable strategies that were executable by existing staff. We don't offer one-size-fits-all methodologies or huge projects that look great on paper but can't be managed. We do, however, push our clients to explore big ideas and radical change – but in a highly transparent, calculated way.

Truly Exceptional Ideas

When the industry zigs, we not only zag...we invent an entirely new way to move around. Webbmedia Group specializes in hyper-creative, original problem solving. Our ideas engage our client's current and future needs with strategies and plans that can be implemented.

Faster Discovery

Technology, media and our digital marketplaces are evolving quickly. Webbmedia Group is constantly tracking emerging technology, consumer behavior and the media landscape in order to anticipate industry disription, evaluate startups and forecast trends.

Fewer Clients, Deeper Dives

Webbmedia Group is a boutique consulting firm, and we work with a limited number of clients at one time. As a result, we provide hands-on, concierge service not offered in other firms. We are selective about our portfolio to ensure that the client is a good fit for us, and that we're a good fit for the client. We make ourselves available well beyond usual business hours and we manage each relationship directly. Clients have our personal mobile phone numbers, special email addresses created just for them and are invited to the various professional gatherings and events we host throughout the year.

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